Gemma Bordes

If there is an artist who represents the fun side of things well, it is Gemma Bordes. Learn more about this creator here.

Kittens everywhere, that’s what happens to us every time we think about the work of this Catalan creator who conquered us from the first moment.


Gemma started out as a criminal lawyer/investigator?, but finally discovered her passion was putting smiley faces on objects. This led her to dedicate herself to illustration, a facet that now occupies all of her time. Every time we look at one of her designs a smile appears on our face, does that happen to you too?


"I don't like to pigeonhole myself as cute, that's why I try to give beauty a peculiar, funny touch ..." quirky ". So much niceness sometimes makes me feel saturated."



Furry Buddies is one of our most iconic collections. Fall in love with Gemma’s work on her IG: @gemma_bordes


"I think my masterpiece is definitely the hanging cat earrings."

Designs by Gemma Bordes

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