Miriam Frank

Miriam Frank is a German tattoo artist and illustrator who lives and works in Munich. Discover her complete work here

Tattoo artist, illustrator, photographer and visual artist … nothing escapes the imagination of this versatile creator.


Miriam Frank’s illustrations are the result of her work as a tattoo artist and illustrator. Her drawings with marked lines have become a sign of identity of this German artist whom we met in a very curious way (you can read the full interview with Miriam here).


"I love whales, in fact they are a permanent resource in my work and they also usually visit me in dreams."



Together with Miriam we have made two collections: Wood Hood and Nippon Icons. You can follow her on IG @ miriamfrank.art


"One of the designs that I like to wear the most is the Hands earrings."

Designs by Miriam Frank

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