Ariel Goose

From her studio in Taiwan, Ariel Goose creates beautiful illustrations and tattoos with cute characters that contribute and define her personal style. Her designs, recognizable at first sight, with intense colored animals that play with botanical elements, are mainstream in Instagram. In addition to the world of tattooing, she has also launched stationery and ceramic products.

It was seeing his work and falling in love with it at first sight; Ariel has managed to create with her work a creative universe full of fun characters.


We set her the challenge of creating a collection of necklaces and earrings, and she quickly accepted it. Thus, Animal Signs was born.


She has also created a marvellous cotton scarf which includes all the representations of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Visit her IG @ariel_goose and discover her work.

We declare ourselves fans of her work, what do you think?

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