Asis Percales

Eclectic above all else, this is how Asis Percales defines himself, a young creator from Granada who lives in Barcelona. He defines his personal imagery as a mixture of circus, religion, tattoos, popular culture and comics, but we add, also a sense of humour and vitality, and his work leaves no one indifferent. The formats in which he works are very varied, from small illustrations to large murals, through ceramics, textiles and even surfboards, he is not afraid of anything.

From Granada to the top, it is the destiny of this Andalusian illustrator who knows how to mix baroque style with current pop trends like no one else.


Circus, tattoos and even religious iconography … a diverse mix that Asis Percales manages to transform into colorful creations that conquered us from the first moment. The freshness of his work translates into works that leave no one indifferent.


"I love tattoo culture, traditional Mexican painting, American comics, Baroque art."



Milagritos is the latest collection made with Asis Percales. If you want to know his work first hand, discover it on his IG profile @asispercales


"The philosophy of life that I like to convey is to try to take life with a greater sense of humor."

Designs by Asis Percales

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