Joan Ayguadé Jarque

With a restless spirit, one could say that he resembles an inventor from the early twentieth century. He loves seeing the creative process of all the designs, and he doesn’t hesitate to accept any challenge that is proposed. He trained at the Central Saint Martins (UAL) in London as a Product Designer, and once he finished his studies he founded his own laser cutting company, with which he did work for Lady Gaga, Wes Anderson, Puma and Coca Cola. Now he is totally dedicated to Materia Rica, a brand he created in 2015 together with Marta Chojnacka.

The search for perfection and attention to detail are two of the qualities of Joan, 50% of Materia Rica together with Marta Chojnacka.


Training product designer, Joan Ayguadé Jarque is a restless person who does not stop for a moment, always attentive to new talents to discover. In his search for new forms of expression, he found laser technology, thanks to which Materia Rica owes its origin.


Together with Marta he is responsible for successful collections such as Flora, Loving Birds, Seaside, Flower Fields, Sea Garden …

Designs by Joan Ayguadé Jarque

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