La Casita de Wendy

Inés and Iván, otherwise known as La Casita de Wendy, were clear when they founded their brand that they did not want to be part of Fast Fashion. Nature, sustainability, craftsmanship, ethics, durability, people and humility, are the values with which they work daily creating beautiful designs that have conquered the whole world. Lady Desidia, La Conseguidora, Izaskun Chinchilla or Björk attest that this Madrid firm’s creations are unique.

Valuing artisan work is one of the principles of this Spanish firm, which has been claiming the importance of connection with nature for many years. .


Iván and Inés, who run La Casita de Wendy, back  local producers and only use garments that fight against Fast Fashion. The love that they put into their creations is noticeable in each of their designs, and being true to oneself is not complicated, you just have to have clear priorities and look for the lifestyle that best suits each one of us.


"When we design we are thinking about creating beautiful, timeless and special things, without too many pretensions ..."



Botanic is the collection that we launched in 2021 together with La Casita de Wendy. You can follow them on IG @casitadewendy

"We were always interested in clothes as a way of expression and when we found gaps in what we liked, we started to make them for ourselves, friends, and that's how we started."

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