Lisa Junius

Based in Luxembourg, Lisa Junius has created a new personal universe to escape and dream in, full of blue and white femenine characters. This multidisciplinary artist combines her work on a small and large scale, from illustrations and little ceramics to big murals to make cities more beautiful. Women and nature are her favourite motifs. A beautiful way to connect with feminine and empowering movements.

From ceramics to large-format murals, nothing can resist this Luxembourg-based illustrator who has uses blue as her signature color palette.


It seems that everything Lisa touches becomes a trend, and her imagination has no limits. Her canvas stretches beyond the universe, from remote stars to women with infinite hair who practice Asanas yoga.  Find out more about Lisa by reading the interview we did here.


"My inspiration is found in legends, mythology and all things magical, and above all it could become reality."



Cosmic Girl is the first of the collections created with Lisa Junius. In 2021 we realeased Blue Zodiac. Learn more about her work on IG  @lisajunius


"The color blue is the ocean, the sky and the universe, it is deep, constant and invites calm."

Designs by Lisa Junius

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