Susie Hammer

She defines herself as a children’s illustrator, and the fact is that most of Susie Hammer’s work is dedicated to the little ones in the house. It could be said that with each of her creations she seeks to awaken a smile in the viewer, that is why she is not afraid to use the most varied colour palette: pink, yellow, blue… Materia Rica, Plom Gallery, Coco Books, Dietz, Egreš , Tashka or Le Chocolat des Français are some of the companies that have worked alongside this Polish artist.

The illustrations by this young artist are easily recognizable by their perfectly matched, saturated colors.

Susie Hammer’s work is closely related to children’s illustrations. Simple shapes that perfectly combine together to become likeable characters with a big smile, the same one that appeared on our faces when she showed us her first sketches for the Happy Tails collection.

"Paint and draw are part of my job."

In 2020 we launched a collection inspired by our little dog, Tesla, a winemaker in which you can see a version of Susie in the Spotty necklace. You can follow her on IG @susie_hammer

"While drawing, I have lots of fun and I hope my audience perceives this joy"

Designs by Susie Hammer

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