Air Woman

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Air is an element full of activity and force that drags everything that is placed in front of it, like this woman whose strength is reflected in her blue hair full of swirls.Handpainted and designed in Barcelona.Designed with Lisa Junius. Launched in 2021
as part of Blue Zodiac collection.

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Main walnut pendant 70 x 35mm

Adjustable chain length from 46 to 50cm

Original designs genuinely crafted at our Barcelona’s workshop.

All our woods are sourced responsibly using only FSC approved suppliers. We only use antiallergic findings made in Spain. Read here more about care.

Packaging 100% respectful with the environment.

Standard and express delivery services available worldwide.


Lisa Junius

Based in Luxembourg, Lisa Junius has created a personal new world to escape and dream, full of blue and white femenine characters. This multidisciplinary artist combines her work for small and large scale, from illustrations and little ceramics to big murals to make cities more beautiful. Her favorite motives are women and nature, a beautiful way to connect with feminine and empowering movements.