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They are called Daruma in honor of their creator, a Japanese monk. It is a Buddhist talisman that helps in achieving your dreams. So we are delivering your earrings with a piece that you can paste when your dream is fulfilled.Handpainted red daruma earrings. Antiallergic made in lasercut wood. Designed with Miriam Frank.

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Earring design measures 27 x 26mm

Original designs genuinely crafted at our Barcelona’s workshop.

All our woods are sourced responsibly using only FSC approved suppliers. We only use antiallergic findings made in Spain. Read here more about care.

Packaging 100% respectful with the environment.

Standard and express delivery services available worldwide.


Miriam Frank

She lives in Munich, but her work has crossed borders. Her creations have a unique style that connects contemporary art with children's imagination: characters from children's stories, animals inspired by surrealist paintings... For her, art is a way of telling stories, and she transmits them through tattoos, paintings, illustrations or photography, nothing escapes the talent of Miriam Frank.