Silky luna

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Waxing , waning, full … but always fascinating. Lisa Junius knows how to capture the beauty of the moon like no one else, so together with her and her recognizable line we have created this beautiful silk scarf. Natural silk scarf, designed in Barcelona.

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Scarf measures 45 x 45 cm / 18” L x 18” W.

Made in Barcelona, using natural silk 100%.

Each scarf comes with its own label and packaged in a Materia Rica gift box. > A card with information about the designer and product care is included.

Packaging 100% respectful with the environment.

Standard and express delivery services available worldwide.


Lisa Junius

Based in Luxembourg, Lisa Junius has created a personal new world to escape and dream, full of blue and white femenine characters. This multidisciplinary artist combines her work for small and large scale, from illustrations and little ceramics to big murals to make cities more beautiful. Her favorite motives are women and nature, a beautiful way to connect with feminine and empowering movements.