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    Basic maintenance tips for Materia Rica's earrings & necklaces

    Basic maintenance tips for Materia Rica's earrings & necklaces

    Earrings care

    Materia Rica's designs are made entirely in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​where we transform the wood that our local suppliers bring us from the Pyrenees into beautiful designs that we create in collaboration with artists from all over the world.

    The commitment to natural materials of km 0 guarantees that our earrings are made with top quality walnut wood. The controlled felling forests from which they come have an FSC certificate.

    The wooden base is an organic material, that is why we deliver them in a rigid box, to avoid bumps and possible scratches. We advise you to keep the box in which we deliver them to you, it is a good way to always have them stored in your closet. If you prefer to store them out of the box, it is better that you do it in an individual bag, which is how we store them in our workshop, since being hand-painted they deserve special care.

    If you have some hoop earrings and you do not use the box, it is better that you take out the piece of wood when you store them, in this way you will avoid damaging the wooden hook. If your earrings are studs, be careful not to put pressure on the clasp, this way you will prevent them from falling off or bending.

    In addition to all these tips, try not to get your earrings wet. Although walnut is a noble wood, its nature is not permeable in itself. All our designs are painted and varnished by hand, to maintain the intensity of the colors, so avoiding contact with water will help preserve them for longer.

    Regarding the metal closure, we have specific care for each of the models. All our metals are nickel-free and anti-allergic, our suppliers in the Balearic Islands comply with all the requirements of the REACH seal, certified by the European Union.

    Our hook earrings have been specially created to have an ergonomic design that fits your ear. With your purchase you can order some silicone plugs that will give better fastening of the hook closure, remember to indicate it in the notes section of our website.

    One of the most popular earrings are hoop earrings. They are within the current trend and allow you to easily combine the modular designs of Materia Rica. They have become one of your favourites thanks to their automatic closure, their light and modern design.

    The earrings with a stud closure have been created with a safety butterfly design, thanks to which a perfect hold on the ear is achieved. We have tested our design and we advise you that when you open the clasp, you hold the metal surface to prevent it from prying.

    Finally, we recommend you store your Materia Rica in its original box, made with sustainable and locally produced materials. As long as you keep them in dry and moisture-free spaces, you can enjoy them for a long time.

    Necklace care

    If you have a Materia Rica necklace, keep reading. We have prepared a simple guide with some basic maintenance tips that will help you keep your necklace perfectly for a long time.

    First of all we would like to tell you that all our necklaces are made entirely in our workshop in Barcelona. From there we convert the wood from local suppliers into the necklaces that you can see on our website.

    One of the most delicate parts of our necklaces is the chain. Again, all the metal closures that we use in our designs are anti-allergic and nickel-free. Avoid snags and bumps, as the chain links could break, as well as the most delicate parts of the wooden design. In addition, we recommend that you always store your necklaces in spaces free of moisture.

    When you receive your Materia Rica necklace you can check that we deliver it in a rigid box, this is to avoid bumps and scratches, so we advise you to keep it to store your necklaces. Our boxes have been made by local suppliers with sustainable materials and are fully recyclable as they do not contain plastics. If you decide to store them outside, it is best to do so in an individual bag that guarantees the care of the paint (remember that all our designs are painted by hand).

    We hope that these tips have been helpful to you and that you enjoy your Materia Rica necklace for a long time. If you need any kind of assistance we are available at to help you.

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