Build Your Style

Transform your jewellery into a canvas for self-expression with Materia Rica. Our earring hoops and charms are crafted for mixing and matching, adding versatility and adaptability to your unique style.

By customizing each component, you can craft earrings that capture your experiences and emotions. This unique approach lets you wear a piece of your story, celebrating your individuality and creativity.

Create Your Own Earrings

Multiple Styles

Discover our hoops in stunning finishes: matte gold, matte silver, bold rose gold and antique gold. Each finish is crafted for lasting beauty and shine.

Mini to Maxi

Design your ideal earrings with hoops in multiple sizes and styles. The latch-back offers classic charm, while the Ball & Stud brings a modern edge.

Mix & Match

Unleash your creativity with our collection of charms. Combine playful, arty or nature designs to create earrings that reflect your personality.

Wear Your Story

Transform your jewellery into self-expression. Customize each component to craft earrings that capture your experiences and celebrate your individuality.