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    Materia Rica & Hilma AF Klint

    Materia Rica & Hilma AF Klint

    Five years before Kandinsky began to experiment with abstraction, Hilma AF Klint, a Swedish painter, was already totally immersed in a non-figurative universe. Her brilliant work, which is now claimed by institutions such as the Guggenheim, MoMA, TATE... has been the source of inspiration for these new necklaces and earrings that we now present to you.

    During her early years, Hilma devoted herself to the study of natural forms, drawing inspiration from everything around her. As a woman, she was excluded from academic circles, which led her interests to turn towards spiritualism and anthroposophy. Her work is a faithful reflection of this introspective gaze.

    Together with five other women, Hilma formed the group De Fem (The Five) in which, through meditation and spiritualism, they sought to connect with alternative realities. The visions of these sessions are portrayed in the series of paintings that make up The Paintings for the Temple. These artworks have been considered the first modern examples of abstract art.

    Our tribute to this great forgotten artist, who has become a fully established modern painter of genius, comes in the form of three earrings and two necklaces. Created specifically for the Hilma AF Klint & Piet Mondrian: Forms of life exhibition at TATE Modern, they are now part of our catalogue. Do you want to show your artistic, original and modern side? 

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