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    The Story Unfolds: Crafting the Senses and Monochrome Collections

    The Story Unfolds: Crafting the Senses and Monochrome Collections

    A Deep Dive into the Artistic Inspirations Behind Our Latest Collections

    Unveiling the essence of Materia Rica's design ethos, this journey provides an intimate look into how we merge art, imagination, and craftsmanship to birth truly unique collections.

    Senses Collection: from Surrealism to Statement Jewellery

    The Senses Collection emerged from a fascination with the tangible and intangible. Rooted in the rich tapestry of surrealism, it celebrates the amalgamation of dreams, reality, and artistic interpretation. The boundary-pushing art movement of the 20th century comes alive in each intricately designed piece, inviting wearers to both see and feel the beauty they adorn.

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    Monochrome Collection: Black & White Majesty Inspired by Artistic Icons

    The works of Hilma Af Klint and Yayoi Kusama resonate deeply with our love for timeless elegance. Their iconic black and white patterns provide a canvas upon which we painted our vision. Dive into a realm where art movements converge with contemporary design, celebrating the harmonious dance of form, colour, and emotion.

    Materia Rica thrives at the intersection of art and fashion. These collections epitomise our commitment to celebrating artistry in every piece. We invite you to be a part of our narrative, to wear our stories, and to resonate with our ethos.

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